Johannes Verhulst st #93/100

Johannes Verhulst st #93/100

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A minimalist led design lamp, crafted from a single piece of salvaged wood from the city of Amsterdam. An archetypical design from a atypical material, every piece is unique. Suspended and adjustable in height or mountable directly on ceiling or wall...


  • Dimensions; 9 x 4 x 100cm
  • LED tube - 90cm - included
  • Black cloth wire; 200cm
  • Cord length for ceiling heights up to 400cm
  • With the tree's origin laser-engraved
  • Natural Oil finish

LED tube daylight 4000K (standard)
LED tube warm light 3000K (optional)

All of our LED lights are dimmable
Please note: LEDs require specific dimmers - please contact us for information on compatible dimmers

  • Free delivery inside the EU                  
  • 14 day try & return policy
  • Delivery time: 3 - 5 working days
  • Cool & warm light source available
  • Questions: +31 (0) 208 456 483
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