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design with a narrative

Ninebyfour is our minimalist and sustainable take on a tubelight fixture. Each Ninebyfour has its' own unique grain structure and pattern; emphasized by craftmanship, detail and a slender iconic shape. Its' archetypical shape and constructive transparancy made possible through the use of led technology.

It's not just a pretty design lamp, there's a bit more to it...

salvaged wood

Amsterdam is packed with trees. Okay, it’s not exactly a full on forest, but we’re quite happy with its’ greenness.

Unfortunately, the trees that enrich this pretty town do sometimes get sick, or have to give way to younger, healthier trees.


Crafted from sick Amsterdam trees

local government steps in to put down sick trees, chopping up the wood to be used as firewood. Which is a shame, why not use this beautiful material for a more sustainable purpose? 

A minimalist wooden led tube fixture - design by Waarmakers - made in Amsterdam. 

The reduced archetypical form is a perfect stage for this beautiful salvaged wood. The LED tubelight emits a day-like light, ideal for illuminating creative office spaces, galleries, boutiques etc.. 

Each lamp is unique

and has its’ own distinct characteristics. Colour and texture are amplified by its’ minimal geometric shape. 

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