Customer Service



1 Ordering

1.1 How can I place an order?

 Click the “add to cart” button, and you’ll be guided through our state-of-the-art ordering an payment system effortlessly. 

1.2 There's no "add to cart" - button for the item I want

If there’s no “add to cart” button on the product page, this means that we need a bit more info to process your order (size, quantity, etc..). In that case press the “place order” button and send us an email with your request. We’ll get back to you within 48 hours.


2 Shipping & Delivery

2.1 What is your delivery time?

All the products visible in our products section with an “add to cart” button are in stock and can be shipped out within 5 working days, usually sooner. Depending on your location the delivery time will vary; within the Netherlands it is approx. 1-3 working days, inside EU is 5-7 working days. 

2.2 Worldwide shipping? Yes!

We have a lot of love to give, outside or inside the EU, we don’t discriminate. So yes, we do ship to countries outside the European Union, just send us an email with your location and request, and we’ll get back to you with an estimation of shipping cost and delivery time. 
And yes, we will send you a track and trace code for you to follow your order online.


3 Stock & ‘sold out’ items

3.1 The item I’m after is “out-of-stock” what do I do?

For Ninebyfour:
Each Ninebyfour light is unique, so if a piece is sold out, you’re out of luck. If an item is indicated as “out of stock”, it usually is; we don’t joke about inventory.
We produce Ninebyfour in batches, each batch consists of one or more trees. We don’t directly list every piece online, so when the online stock is low, we will publish more pieces within a couple of days. If you’re really eager; a motivational email can, and will help us pick up the pace.

If there’s no more stock at all, it means just that, for now. Because we WILL be working on production of the next batch of Ninebyfours, which takes between 6-8 weeks, depending on the amount of motivation and support we’re receiving, and boring production related stuff, like logistics.
For the other products; send us your request! We’re usually able to deliver within a few weeks.


4 Refunds & returns

4.1 I have received my order, but on closer inspection I’ve realized that:

  • "it’s not really for me, it doesn’t fit my interior as well as I had hoped" 
  • “I was drunk when I placed my order”

No worries, let us know within 14 days after receiving your order. Provided we receive the product fully intact and complete, we’ll refund you the full amount minus shipping.  


4.2 I have received my order, but it seems it doesn’t actually work/has a defect.

In the rare case that a product has a defect, or is delivered incomplete/with parts missing, send us an email with the defect or missing part, and we’ll make sure you’ll receive a replacement free of shipping cost, plus a handwritten apology.


5 Not so frequently asked questions

5.1 “I love these lights! And...

..I have a tree in front of my office on the canal here in Amsterdam, can you guys talk to government officials so that it gets cut down? I want to decorate my office with new lighting and what could be cooler than doing it with a tree that used to be in front of the office. Also, we need more parking space.”



6 Terms and conditions

6.1 Download Terms and Conditions here