Please start by reading these safety instructions.

Make sure your hands are clean and grease-free.
Remove the cork at the end of the tube shown in the video. By pulling at the cotton cord, all parts are removed from the tube.


Step 2

Check if all necessary parts are inside the tube.
Have a napkin or piece of cloth ready!


Step 3

First gently press through the round hole and carefully pull out the strip. If it doesn’t come out easily, slightly twist the tube at both ends.
When this doesn’t release the strip, use a sharp knife and carefully cut through the fixed parts.


Step 4

Make sure to clean your hands after the last step, the laser cut edges do give off soot (ROET). Clean the laser cut edges. Soot will stain the cardboard, make sure to remove all.


Step 5 - difficulty level: medium

Insert the open end of the wire into the tube (into the side that says ‘design by waarmakers’). Pull the wire through up to the first hole.
Bend the two ends of the wire. Skillfully push the bended end through the closest hole. Gently pull and guide the entire wire through. Now push the wire through the two opposing holes. Again, pull it all the way through. This is where you deserved your first break.


step 6

Safety First! - only connect the printed end of the LED tube
(L + N sign) to the powered fitting.

Make sure you turn the hole for the 5 Cent coin to the top side of the cardboard tube. Push a 5 cent coin in the fitting to fix the lamp.


step 7

On the other end the hole for the pencil will be visible (it might be slightly turned). Turn and fix a pencil into the hole.


Step 8

Find the tube-end with the 5 cent coin, push in the cord next to the coin. Pull out at the open end and tie a knot that can’t pass throught the small hole. We recommend an 8-knot.


Final step - difficulty level: hard

At the pencil tube-end, push in the cord and pull out the open end. Bend the end of the cord so that it can hook. Use the bended hook-like end of the cord to push this in the last hole. (this requires a bit of skill).

Pull the cord to adjust to desired height and pull it over the arrow indicated on the cardboard tube. Push the excess cord into the tube and fix the cork in the lamp.