A timeless beauty that lures you in with it’s looks, and wins you over with her story. Crafted from one single piece of salvaged Amsterdam elm wood, hand finished, in very limited numbers, and each piece is unique. Minimalist aesthetics, and sustainable in every aspect. Shine on you crazy LEDlight.

Ninebyfour - HR - 2.jpg

 One-of-a kind light fixtures that express organic and unique wood grain patterns illuminated by the eco-friendly source of the Ninebyfour lamp

3 R16_15.JPG

Zero Waste Led Luminary


Cardboard tubing is a strangely underrated material. Soft to the touch yet structurally strong. Distinct and outspoken, yet neutral in tone and form, thus fitting in almost any type of interior, industrial or warmer homely. R16 is our homage to this beautiful and versatile material. By applying laser cuts to a cardboard tube, the integrity of form and material is preserved, yet it's potential is fully applied; It is both packing material and elegant luminary - R16; open, straightforward, efficient… and without waste. Available now, in natural or matt black, click below:  


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